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Deepest Darkness

Deepest Darkness

Two people.
Two worlds.
Two secrets.
One chance to save them both.

Jezebel has no idea the owner of her new publishing house, billionaire Luke Skilling, is such a dreamboat. She has no idea he brought her to New York because he wanted her before he ever saw her. And she certainly has no idea she's going to fall for him instantly.

Luke thinks he's rescuing a submissive damsel in distress so he can take her for his own. As the sparks fly between them, he finds out nothing is what it seems-- except for one thing. He wants this spirited woman more than ever.

When Jezebel's brother shows up in New York to pull her back into the puritanical family fold, she's torn between the darkness in her past and the promise of her future. As her family grows more violent in their attempt to recapture her, Luke must fight for the love he cannot live without.

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