Selling Selena

Selling Selena

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As the host of the infamous Circle Room by night, Josh Preston feels like he has his compartmentalized life neatly in his rigid control until one night his young charge, Selena, volunteers to be the bound plaything of the rich and powerful men in the exclusive private playroom.

Selena finds herself bound and on display in a room full of wealthy males eager to open her up to experiences that she has only dreamed about while Josh struggles with his responsibility towards the male guests of the playroom and his growing desire to claim Selena for his own.

As the night spins outside of Josh and Selena's control and secret feelings and desires and relationships long hidden are exposed, can their relationship survive selling Selena?

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About the Book

“Selling Selena” is a 24,446-word romantic novella with heavy erotic elements of BDSM. Main Characters do engage in sexual acts with people other than their happy ever after partner, or happy ever after may include more than two people.

Lots of Explicit Sex
Limited Suspend Elements

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