About Emma

Emma Haven writes stand-alone suspenseful romance with heat levels ranging from tame to erotic. Stories may include elements of menage, suspense, and mystery – sometimes all at the same time. All books are entirely stand-alone, and no books are part of a series. Each story is a unique journey through two (or more) characters blossoming (or raging) relationship. No 500,000-word commitment to finding out whether they will or won’t get their happily ever after.

No cliffhangers. No series. Just one hot story from beginning to end.

Now that we’ve got the marketing drivel out of the way.

Trixie Belden. The first book series that I loved when I was a child was the Trixie Belden series. After reading every book in the series I could get my hands on, I knew what the next book should be. So, at eight years old, I borrowed my Dad’s old Royal typewriter and banged out my first book. That typewriter followed me through school to college, where I majored in English and decided I would write the next great literary novel.

That was twenty-seven years ago and as I am sure you suspect, it didn’t happen. I wound up in IT, started a business. I did write lots of memos, web copy, and blog posts, though. It was something.

In 2016, my twenty-plus year career in IT came to an end in a particularly callous and brutal company layoff. As I struggled with making sense of what I had just watched, participated in, and had happened to me I turned back to writing to work through the emotions. Eventually, that lead me back to my original dream as an eight-year-old girl to write for a living.

I chose suspenseful romance because I love exploring the emotional complexities of one or two damaged people finding one another and struggling to make it work with all the fear and desire and over the top emotions new love entails. I also really love unexpected twists, high drama, and imperiled heroines. My books usually contain something outside the norm of “accepted” experience as I am fascinated by people that work to make their place in the world despite their differences.

And I write standalone stories because I truly, truly despise cliffhangers. There is nothing more frustrating to me than to get to the end of a book and not having a complete resolution.

I am active on Twitter daily, barely active on Facebook (though I try to keep it up to date), and love hearing from readers so feel free to reach out at [email protected] or on social media.